‘Smart Alec! Cricket’ is a very informative trivia quiz game, with 2500+ downloads, published by “Mozzarella Productions”. It is one of the best android games of 2019, which is available on all mobile devices worldwide.

Word games can never be as exciting as guessing the names of cricketers. ‘Smart Alec! Cricket’ is the best quiz, which will test your knowledge of sports. Users will have to guess the name of hundreds of cricket players and will have to answer a variety of questions in this quiz. This game includes players and questions only from cricket. You will find all the famous batsmen, bowlers, and wicketkeepers in ‘Smart Alec! Cricket’, the best android mobile game!

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It does not matter whether you watch PSL (Pakistan Super League), follow cricket statistics of IPL (Indian Premier League) or watch BBL (Big Bash League) live on your TV or on Youtube. ‘Smart Alec! Cricket’ will only require you to answer questions, identify logos and to tell us the names of popular cricketers. So don’t waste time and download this Android mobile game for free.

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There is a real buzz about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Who do you think will win this year’s CWC 2019? Pakistan, India or England maybe! Do you know all the players from South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Australia? Or have you forgotten a few names from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and West Indies? But ‘Smart Alec! Cricket’ is providing you an opportunity to refresh your memory! If you’re a trivia nut, download this quiz game to test your knowledge as soon as possible! Answer the questions, earn money and have fun while watching the match live on your TV!