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This video is to make my viewers learned and fluent in English Language . This video is about the use of Verb in proper ways . By playing this type of game everyone can become a learned person .An action word is called verb .Noun is a naming word .Oxygen is a material noun .General Tenses quiz .Basic English concepts .This video will be proved a good source to make you good in English writing ,spoken English and reading .It will help you to become an expert English learner .Verb conjugations and auxiliaries. Forms of verb;
1 present 2 past 3 past participle 4 present participle .This video is to teach the viewers about infinitive and gerund .Learn English onlin. In this video we will learn that how to learn English Grammar in initial level to make better. This video will help learners to learn English in better and magical frame work.Correct use of verb .Function of verbs .What is an action word .How do you English MCQs .How much English is effective . Verbs uses are common in simple tenses , even in every kind of tenses verbs are used . In this video Verbs are commonly used by using verb’s examples . Do you know simple present tense .why tenses are important in speaking ,reading and learning .Verb is a part of predicate in a sentence .Subject is the doer in any sentence .how many Helping Verbs there are in English .Teaching is used as present participle and gerund also .Past participle is also used as adjective or adverb