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Games have been perfect time killers for years but ever since computer gaming came into existence, card game sessions were reduced to zero and people were on their computers playing online multiplayer games with their friends.

Online gaming has been on a rise with the gaming industry spending billions to bring engaging, graphic-rich games to your home. If you are curious to know how to play QuizUp. Or if you are double-minded in whether to give the online version of the Hasbro RISK game a go or not, here we bring you a list of 10 best online games you must try being a gamer. Play one or two games
with your pals online now.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Among us
02:12 Monopoly Online
02:45 Board Game Arena
03:41 Scrabble GO
04:30 Psych!
05:12 Tabletopia
06:08 Codenames
07:06 Risk
07:50 CardzMania
08:40 QuizUp

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