One of my funny trivia moments from Monday’s live stream of Jackbox that I wanted to share with everyone, we actually did it! Teamwork on jackbox for the first time ever, but was it enough to save everyone – watch the whole video and find out!

All it takes is one simple bit of advice, trust the streamer! Even if you don’t survive it’s a guarantee of funny trivia moments and the dumb waiter game is a particularly good event for us as I try to negotiate everyone’s survival playing tmp2. One of the best jackbox minigames in my opinion. Is this the funniest jackbox stream ever ? Will leave it to you to decide!

Enjoy the moment of me trying to save everyone, (can’t believe they trusted me) but teamwork on jackbox does help and if you want to play with us, we’re live everyone Monday from 6pm BST! Looking for a jackbox funny game – join us for Trivia Murder Party 2!

#shorts #jackbox #trivia #trustthestreamer #tmp2

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