This really is a gem of a tool and it is free. This video takes you through an easy to use quiz maker and simply game generator that is idea for language teachers.
0:00 On-line games and quizzes- Introduction
01:05 Wordwall -Activities
04:38 Games for children
06:15 Create Your Activity
10:34 Thanks for watching

The technology can help you to make a huge range of online games. They are very simple to make, share and get students to access. The games are all word based, so the focus is on sentence building, syntax, grammar and vocabulary. The range of online games that can be produced makes this tool both useful for young learners and adults. Create a game, share it and even track the scores the students get. This is a real time-saving technology that can help to make your online teaching and learning more engaging and student focused.

The games and activities highlighted in this video are ideal for both a live online lesson but also for sharing on a tool like Edmodo or Google Classroom. The games and activities are ideal for formative assessment and for using for quickly checking students knowledge. Many of these games and activities just require the teacher to add in the text, click on a button and then the games can be immediately shared for the students to do. Some are basic quiz ideas but some are more game based in nature and can create more variety and fun in your language learning lessons.

Great language learning app for teachers that is…
1) Quick
2) Free for the basic package
3) Huge variety of games and activities
4) Produce simple link that the students can access
5) Provides immediate feedback
6) Can even track progress of the whole class.

Many of the activities including a range of different activities. They are colourful and include sounds, scores, nice graphics and nice clear interfaces. I can totally recommend this to any teacher teaching languages.