Spotify To Buy Online Music Game Heardle – Deadline.
In January, The New York Times Company bought trivia game Wordle.
Spotify is now getting in on the action and buying its music counterpart Heardle.
The move sees the music streaming service and podcast producer move into interactive gaming for the first time.
Heardle, which launched in March, is similar to Wordle but instead of trying to guess a word, contestants must try and guess a song within a few opening bars.
They get six guesses, with each hint giving a few more seconds of music to inform their next answer.
Ultimately, they get a chance to discover the song in its entirety, whether or not they guessed it correctly.
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Daniel Ek’s company sees the move as an opportunity for musical discovery, meaning subscribers might rediscover old tracks or find new artists – recent Heardles have included acts as diverse as Arcade Fire, Jennifer Lopez, Journey, Michael Jackson and The Smiths.