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Quiz winner is a free multiplayer quiz game online for smart people,
Challenge on different themes , general knowledge, music, sports, science, history, kids, disney land, animals, tv shows or play in all them,

The new game question and answer give you choice to win gifts every time you find the winning picture injected in the game, or if you are the best player of the month,

Choose your interesting theme and you will challenging with intellectuals players opponent in a theme that you are passionate about.

the opponent chosen randomly from around the world.

Get the maximum correct answers to win gifts like camera 4k, watches, rings, Smartphone, and much more.

The players have another way to win, its luck, how? We are inject some gifts in the game, the two players find it, will win…

good news, new questions are added automatically without update game,
Updating game is for fixing any errors or adding new features

Two players compete live on different questions in a quiz game

– Themes in games :
General knowledge trivia quiz,
Music knowledge trivia quiz
Sports knowledge trivia quiz
Science knowledge trivia quiz
History knowledge trivia quiz
Kids knowledge trivia quiz
Disney land knowledge trivia quiz
Animals knowledge trivia quiz
TVs shows knowledge trivia quiz

– Features:

A game of different general knowledge on all platforms
Play against opponents from the world.
Play in quiz winner and collect the most number of correct answers to win a gift.
Become the king of the game and win the gift of the king.
Answer thousands of questions of quality, and get more information’s to your life,
World leader board in each theme.
Players on quiz winner can win gifts by playing against opponents online

Difference with other games:

We have winners every month;

-The player who has the most number of correct answers will win the first gift every first month.
To give choices to all players, winner can win again after two months if he still in the first place.

-Two others winners win just by luck, play more and more to find the gift picture coincidence in game to win.

Get a screen shot of picture you get on and send it to us at [email protected]
Note: don’t share the picture with friends or any one, before get your gift. The sender of the picture is the winner.

-We will add names of winners every time someone wins to our page and

-The winner should send us it’s password to verifying his account and get it’s address to ship him the gift

Share with your friends to encourage us to make great gifts as smart phones, tv’s and computers and many more,
Give us your idea at our facebook page; what do you want to win?

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