Odd One Out is a fun English quiz. The best part of this ESL activity is that it doesn’t require any material. Plus, it’s an engaging activity that can improve reading, speaking, and writing skills. You and your students will love playing the Odd One game. You can use this fun ESL game in classes for ESL beginners or low beginners.

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Answer Key

#1: Corn, grapes, potatoes, carrot

Answer: Grapes. It’s fruit, not a vegetable.

#2: Eyes, legs, nose, ears

Answers: Nose. You only have 1, not 2.

#3: Snake, cheetah, horse, elephant.

Answer: Snake. It has no legs. The other animals have 4 legs.

#4: Potato chips, hamburger, ice cream, fries

Answer: Ice cream is a sweet food. The others are salty foods.

#5: soccer, volleyball, hockey, tennis

Answer: Hockey. It’s not played with a ball.

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