Today we’re going to find out how well your ear recognizes musical timbre, rhythm and language – So you better sharpen up on your knowledge of geography and world cultures.

Musical GeoGuesser is a fun game / test for anyone! Learn about music from countries around the world and develop your ear.

Each Episode features 5 rounds and an open-ended bonus round in which you play versus other viewers to guess where is the music from. Make sure to write down your points following the score screen of every round, and sum it up to find out how well you performed.

Musical GeoGuesser – Fun Musical Trivia Game Show:

Piano Mastery – Tutorial Series:

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0:00 Intro
0:20 The Rules
0:42 Round 1
1:44 Round 2
2:45 Round 3
3:47 Round 4
4:49 Round 5
5:52 Grading Your Score
6:17 Bonus Round
6:55 Outro

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