Music Trivia Online:

For the month of April we will be playing games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to earn points toward end of the month giveaway prizes. This month we are adding a new game to the mix.

Punchline Party – In this game, I will read or show a joke with the punchline blocked out. Points will be given for close matches to the punchline within 90 seconds of giving the puzzle. You don’t have to be first, points are awarded for those close to the punchline. Host discretion on points awarded.

We will also continue having Madgab puzzles with first correctly spelled response getting 10 points as well as Music trivia. Music trivia does not have to be spelled correctly as long as I know what it means. We may also do some mystery games, puzzles or trivia spontaneously.

For this month, we will be awarding prizes as follows:

Highest Point Total For Month of April = Gift Card equal to the amount of net new subscribers above (944) we add in April.
Channel(or Channels if tie) who attend the most sessions for the month of April = $10 gift card. Make sure to send comment saying “I’m Here” at the start of each session.
Each Session we will do a random giveaway for $10 gift card as well. This will be picked with the Youtube Random Comment Generator based on comments from our most recently released Premiere Video, usually on Sundays. The more you comment the more likely you are to win.
NOTE: Some of my immediate family does play, in the event they win a prize that prize will be doubled and an additional winner will be announced.