A PAX tradition! Game and puzzle designer Mike Selinker attempts to stump the audience with their own questions. It’s all of you—no matter how many people show up—versus Mike in a one-on-many trivia battle. Trivia questions should be submitted in advance to under “I have a question!”. Include your name, a trivia category, a question, and the CORRECT answer. Don’t make it too brutal or it won’t get used. (This used to be called Mike Selinker’s Can You Survive This Panel, but it’s time for a gentler tone. Still, expect chaos.)

Mike Selinker [President, Lone Shark Games], Shane Steed [Events Manager, Lone Shark Games], Skylar Woodies [Developer, Lone Shark Games]

Broadcast at PAX Online 2020
🗓️ 13th – 21st September, 2020