Hey, what’s up everyone, TheGaming100 here once again with yet another amazing series. I take a short break from the nutoriuos SM63 100% PB runs, and even the game as a whole

Here, I play something FAR more educational, aka Trivia games ONLINE. Now, this final site I found may use CPUs, but either way I do not care, since they were all an intense challenge either way. They made me last place every single time I tried except one, where I started off very strong, but ended terrible (missing the last six 4 choice questions), so I got 2nd instead of 1st.

Let me know if you are enjoying this, and if you want to see more, or if you want to challenge me myself

I will warn you I will not be available in a week and 2 days from now, but rather in a boarding school. However, I am here every other weekend, so I’ll spend lots of time with you guys (my loyal supporters) 😀