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Lorne cries his fake girlfriend goes on a fake date. Gets upset and jealous of Dan during trivia and hangs up. Lorne also proposes and gets no response.

10-07-18 0451 PM pt 3 (end) – Drunk Trivia – streamonly-
Follow up: –

Lorne, 36 years old at the time, began chatting with a girl he believed to be 13 years old named “Kayla”. In the beginning, he was warning her about the dangers of chatting with strangers on the internet, but as the days and chat went on, Lorne began to write more romantic messages to her, calling her his “precious little princess” and his “little babygirl”, and showing fiery jealousy whenever she talked to boys in her school. Lorne finally ended up showing naked cam pics of himself and talking about the sexual things he wanted to do with her. He even proposed to marry her, calling her “Mrs. Kayla Marie Armstrong”. Before arriving at the sting house, Lorne had contacted the decoy, hoping to score a night of sex with her, also mentioning he was coming over with a “present” (a cheap $5 bracelet) and a box of condoms. The online chat lasted over a month and spanned 407 pages (the end chatlog was as thick as a phonebook).

In 2017, Lorne, believing himself to be a celebrity due to the attention he received from his appearance on To Catch A Predator, tried to cash in on his fame (or infamy) by starting a YouTube channel where he would sing, do workouts, cook vegan dishes and try to sell paraphernalia from before and during his prison stay. These videos would be massively downvoted and many of the comments would be things he said in his 407 page chatlog though he wouldn’t recognize they were his words thrown back at him.

In early 2017, a girl calling herself “Ramona” put forward a series of audio tapes in which she made contact with Lorne and started a long distance relationship with him. In reality, it was an elaborate catfish to obtain information and to do a deep dive into his psyche. Down the road, Lorne also was catfished by Winnie and Casey (who he thought was the real life actress Casey Mauro who played the decoy Kayla when he was busted).

Lorne was arrested again in August 2019 after spending five years in a sex offender rehabilitation class and not passing because he still refused to take any responsibility for his actions leading to his imprisonment. He also showed up to the class drunk despite one of the provisions of sex offender registration being the prohibition of the consumption of alcohol. That being said, he had five alcohol violations on his record since 2014. Lorne was sentenced to six months in jail for this and was released in February 2020.

Afterwards, Lorne began a relationship with a robot named Jamie Amy and Casey from Dateline NBC. Yes, that Casey.

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