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Welcome back to a brand new grounded game mode. The Game Show!!
I have created my very own gameshow in grounded filled with grounded Trivia, Bug Challenges, Puzzles, Mazes & Races, to all be taken on by my two contestants: Marcus & James. They will go head to head to see who will win the Grounded Game Show.

Part 1 will see the contestants take on a set of 3 Trivia questions along with the first challenge: The Sky Jumping Puzzle

Contact Info: [email protected]

Music in todays video from the HeatleyBros:

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Grounded is a survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. This New Grounded Update Video was created by MudderChudders. Not ImCade or Sir Sim-alot. Will you see Blitz, Fynnpire with Broadbent, Laggin24x & Mediocre Milton? No. just MudderChudders and our best new bug or best new bug bosses in Grounded.

Turn back now you’ve come too far!!!

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