A great mix of fun quiz games and trivia for cool brains 😎 Are you ready to accept the challenge of the century?! Let’s get started:

00:14 – Odd one out – Cool puzzle
This cool visual puzzle will test your attentiveness and concentration! By the way, did you know that a short riddle a day keeps your brain young and sharp? Well, now you know what to do from now on 😉

01:53 – Romantic Trivia
Did you think a kiss is just a kiss? If you’re attentive enough, you could realize that there is a hidden meaning behind each type of kiss. These simple riddles with answers will test your emotional intellect and observation skills! A great trivia to learn, your brain (or partner) will appreciate this 😍

03:41 – A vision test
Fun quiz games for kids and adults to test your eyes! This cool vision test and picture riddles will let you know if your vision is good enough and brain fast enough! If it’s fast and good enough you’ll have no problems with cracking these short riddles!

05:18 – Trivia and general knowledge quiz
These funny riddles with answers will be enough to blow your mind away and get your goosebumps going! Have you just remembered one of your trips abroad? Me too, and that was embarassing! But how on earth I could know that my gesture meant “screw you’??

06:48 – What’s hidden here? – Fun quiz games
These fun quiz games will also test your vision in the most fun and relaxed way 🙂

09:21 – Fun quiz questions
Fun quiz questions to check if you can think outside the box! These trivia questions make people smile and realize that our brain tends to overcomplicate things, when everything should stay simple, because life is simple!

There is one question I left without the answer, so TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers!

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