Free Online Trivia For Business is a revolutionary opportunity for business owners across the country! This will add an additional stream of revenue to your bottom line at no additional cost!

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It is rather simple concept… if a business wishes to participate, it will cost NOTHING, in fact, your business will MAKE money while helping underprivileged children around the world.

Your customers will register through your business to play Trivia That Gives for FREE, and because it is browser-based, they can play on just about any device (mobile, tablet, computer). Your players accrue Trivia Credits when they answer questions correctly and lose nothing when they answer incorrectly. Credits remain in the Player’s account until they redeem them for CASH or merchandise.

Your Business will make money whenever your customers play the game…. no matter when or where in the world they play. Once they are registered under your business, they are coded as yours forever.

At this point you may be wondering where the money comes from to pay you, cover the cost of the prizes, and help feed children around the world?! The Trivia That Gives site is a targeted advertising platform and the Advertisers PAY PER VIEW. Their banner ads rotate around the game viewed by a ‘captive’ audience with their ads targeted to the viewers’ interests. They love our program because they get what they want most… to KNOW that people are SEEING their ads. [Marketing dollars are often spent with no certainty that anyone sees the ads or that the right people see them… not the case with our unique platform.]

Customers love our program because they are not required to “click” on any ads or buy anything, and they play for FREE. Businesses love our program because they can earn extra revenue and EVERYBODY Wins!

Trivia That Gives is giving a lion’s portion of the advertising dollars to the businesses that get their customers to register and play the games; the more eyes on the screens, the more dollars made to benefit all.

To participate with us you will simply register online through me, as your authorized Trivia That Gives Business Partner, and complete the business agreement contract so our corporate office can designate your account as a “Business” Account. There is NO OBLIGATION !

The contract is a “white label” contract that simply specifies your relationship with Trivia That Gives to clarify how payment will be achieved, and that the receiving business will be responsible for appropriate taxes, etc.

Your business can begin Signing Up customers through your Referral Link the moment you “Sign Up” and create an online account, however, no money will be paid at the “business level payout” until a contract is signed and received by Corporate.
When you are ready to sign your business up, I will send you an invite email that will walk you through the sign up process. It’s very simple and requires that basic information.

I’m part of this program because it is truly a “win-win” with NO RISK for any of the parties involved. The Business registration is FREE. The Business site and marketing aids are FREE. Customer sign-up to play is FREE. There is a financial benefit for your business and your players, and even the advertisers are happy since they’re paying for something they’re SURE they’re getting (eyes on their ads)! In addition, children (currently 9 organizations around the world including US) are being helped in ways that will change, and many times save, their lives!

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I look forward to helping you increase your business’ bottom line while giving back to the world in a meaningful way! I

Cheers to your success!