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Trivia Quiz with Scoreboard Student Points | For Teachers:

This is a free PowerPoint game for online class. Teachers can play this free Customisable PowerPoint Trivia Quiz Game Template on live Zoom Video Conference Call with their students in the virtual classroom!

They can use any other online video conferencing call application such as Google Meet or Cisco WebEx which supports screen-sharing functionality.

This PowerPoint Quiz Game has up to 30 student point score-boards which can be updated real-time. It consists of 24 questions and you can add more too!

The teacher has to only click to the amount of points to reward and the points counter score-board remains active throughout the PowerPoint SlideShow Mode.

Playing PowerPoint Games like these increases interactivity of your online classroom. This is an alternative to TriviaMaker which teachers use to conduct online live games.

You can insert your trivia MCQ questions in the PowerPoint file quickly and easily customise it.

The teacher can share their screen to the students and they can give their answer in the live chat feature of video call conferencing applications.

Based on the students’ answer, the teacher can award them points in this free PowerPoint Game for Online Classes!

Download or Purchase this template now and start playing quizzes and PowerPoint Games with your students in Zoom or Google Meet

📩Customize PPT Score board Points and Student Name
📩Award Points to Students and create healthy competition
📩Shuffle Answers in PowerPoint Games for Online Class


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