Are you ready to test your bible knowledge with this fun trivia challenge of bible Jeopardy? Remember you can download and share this game and many more by going to and downloading the Jeopardy PowerPoint

In this round of bible jeopardy we will be testing your biblical knowledge on the following categories
Popular Bible Verses
The Apostle Paul
4 Digit Code
King Solomon
Answered a call
Bible Firsts

0:00 – Let’s play Jeopardy intro
0:04 – Today’s Bible Jeopardy Categories
0:30 – Can you name that Bible Verse
2:01 – The Apostle Paul Trivia questions
3:10 – Use your bible knowledge to crack a 4 digit code
7:11 – Intermission to discuss Christian Escape Room options on website
7:47 – King Solomon bible questions and answers
9:22 – What people were called by God
10:36 – Bible firsts Christian Trivia
12:34 – Final Jeopardy question – Miracles in the bible
13:23 – How to share the gospel using a QR Code

As always be blessed, be a blessing – I be out!

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