Hey Homesters! First and foremost I just want to say thank you all for the love & support in regards to my channel. Today I had some time to debug/fix the original Buzz! Quiz Game Space alongside its original minigame. This particular scene has been in Home since 2009 and allowed gamers to submit their own custom quizzes to “MyBuzzQuiz.com”

Currently, this space is still in a WIP/POC state, as this showcase was just a stress test to show its functionality on the Destination Home Team’s private server.



0:00​ – Intro – Buzz! Quiz Game Space Test 6-12-2021
0:25 – Initializing/Launching WorldMap
0:31 – Downloading Buzz! Quiz Game Space
1:00 – Buzz! Quiz Game Space Showcase
1:37 – Launching Sample/Test Quizzes
4:36 – Outro


Disclaimer/Additional Information:

Note the video that is currently showcased is raw and was lightly edited due to privacy/security measures.

This project is purely for preservation/educational purposes, and our team doesn’t accept ANY forms of donations.

As of 6/12/2021, this is the current state of our team’s progress.


If you want to check out our other online test to see our team progression please click on the links below! Best regards, Nagato.

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How can help you out with the project?

Currently, our development team is looking for anyone who still has PlayStation Home on their PS3 console, any data we can obtain can help the preservation for Home. Our primary goal is to get Home back running online. So our team has been working on trying to emulate Sony’s Medius server via using the PlayStation 3 CFW & RPCS3.

For more information on how to donate cache data please refer to this guide:

Alternatively, you can check out my written version of this guide:

Our team is also looking for any development builds of PlayStation Home which included’s:

• CDN Snapshots
• EBOOTS/Selfs
• HDK’s
• Home .RAP activation files for alpha/beta/debug builds.
• Home Builds .PKG files, or HDD dumps are accepted
• NPEA00013: Development, Alpha, Beta, PROD-QA
• NPIA00010: Development & PROD-QA
• NPIA00005: Retail & PROD-QA
• XXXX00071: Development/Alpha
• Objects/Scenes in .sdat file format
• Old Home Exploit/Mod files
• Packet Captures
• Proxy Cache Data.
• Save-data


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