Before and After
21 – 2part trivia questions –

21 Questions / 13:13 Minutes

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The quiz has 21 questions.
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BEFORE and AFTER #14 – 21 two-part trivia questions! ( ROAD TRIpVIA- Episode 853 )

This quiz is brought to you by Road TRIpVIA. The YouTube based trivia game that you can play while driving in your car. You have about 7 seconds after the question is read to answer it. The question is read out loud first (before it shows up on the screen) so that the driver of the vehicle has the same opportunity to shout out the answer as the passengers (who are able to watch the screen). The quizzes are usually 20 questions each and you keep track of the score. It’s a great game to play with a car full of friends, or to just play by yourself while driving. I find it’s especially great to help keep you awake on the long hauls.