Hey, guys! How about a new test that’ll check your wits and survival skills? Try to crack the following 12 riddles, and write down your results. At the end, you can see how well you did! But you’ll need to do your best to avoid all the traps!

And don’t forget that although we usually play puzzles for fun, solving them helps you boost your brainpower and keep your mind sharp. Scientists also believe that riddles can help us think outside the box — if practiced often enough. So mind teasers are so much more than simple games. Okay, are you ready for the challenge? Then let’s get started!

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A Problem in the Jungle 0:21
A Road Accident 1:24
A Forest Escape 2:09
Trapped by a Psycho 3:12
A Scary Castle 4:09
A Wicked Kidnapper 5:06
The Attic Mystery 5:57
A Treasure Hunt 6:39
An Escape From a Locked House 7:26
Dropped into a Pit 8:23
A Cafe Theft 9:20
A Prison Escape 10:00

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– You’re traveling through the jungle all on your own. One morning, you find out that you’re almost out of water. You can get more water from one of 4 sources: a juicy cactus, a pond with salty sea water, a clear still lake, or a silty stream. What source of water will you choose to fill your filter water bottle with?
– A truck, a man riding a horse, and a motorcycle are waiting on the road for the green light. Suddenly, the truck driver drops his cell phone on the horn. The loud noise scares the horse, and it bites the motorcyclist’s ear. The man unwittingly moves his motorcycle and causes an accident. But which person actually broke the law?
– You’re lost in a forest. It’s getting dark, and very soon wild animals will start their hunt. There are 4 roads you can choose from: the North, South, West, and East. Choose your way.
– A psycho caught you and let you choose where you’d have to stay on your own for the following three weeks. He gave you three options: a desert full of cacti; a sunny field with flowers, a banana, and a glass of water; and a beach under stormy skies, surrounded by sharp cliffs, and hit by high waves. Where do you have the best chances to survive?
– One night, you find yourself stuck in an old spooky castle. You hear someone chasing after you, and you run faster and faster; but suddenly – a dead end! However, as your eyes adjust, you notice three doors in the wall. But behind each door, there are some horrifying creatures. Which door should you open to have a chance to survive?
– Mark and James played in the attic where it was dark and dirty. But when they came down, only Mark’s face was covered in dust, while James’s face was miraculously clean. However, it was James who went and washed his face. Why?
– A treasure hunter got lost in a forest. But after he’d been walking for some time, he noticed a crossroad with a big stone in the middle. There was a note on this stone which read, “4+no5.” Can you help the treasure hunter to decipher the code?
– You got kidnapped and locked in a stone house. However, there are 4 doors you can escape through. Is there a way to escape?
– One day, John was caught by a maniac and thrown into a 20-ft-deep pit. He looked around and noticed that on the bottom of the pit, there was a 6-ft-long rope, a 4-ft-tall wooden barrel, and a 3-ft-tall metal safe. John himself was 6 ft tall. How could he use these objects to get out of the pit alive?
– Look at the picture. Ten minutes before it was taken, someone from this photo had stolen all the money from the cafe on the beach. However, all these people claim that none of them had visited the cafe in the last 10 minutes. Who’s the thief?
– Matt escaped from prison by digging a long tunnel in the floor of his cell. He’d been crawling through the underground tunnel for 3 hours, when he saw that the main tunnel divided into three smaller ones. But the first one was on fire, and the second tunnel was home to a nest of venomous snakes. The third tunnel was set with explosives. How can Matt escape?

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