🌷ENCANTO (Disney movie) fun online games! How Good Are Your Eyes? Find the imposter Isabela and find the differences.

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1- 🚪✨Isabela’s magical door:
2- 🚪✨Antonio’s magical door:
3- 👘Cosplay:
4- 👗Mirabel dress:
5- 😴💤Encanto pajamas:
6- 🧩️Puzzle Toyster:


🔎💡Test your observation skill and improve your memory, reasoning and ability to concentrate. 🦉 Games in this niche help to lower anxiety thanks to “focused attention” (mindfulness🧠), while you force your brain to focus on a single task that requires attention in the present moment, you remove worries about past and future problems resulting in reduced tension and stress. 👩‍🏫✨

🧐Ready to play find the differences? Challenging and fun! 👁‍🗨 Find Differences is absolute fun to play!

✔️ Your goal: compare the images and find the differences. 👀 Each level will feature two beautiful images that look almost the same. There are small differences between them. ✌️

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⏱ If you need more time between challenges, just pause the video as long as you need.

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